A good sound requires a good acoustic: how to choose speakers
A good sound requires a good acoustic: how to choose speakers
18th August, 2018

A good sound requires a good acoustic: characteristics to keep in mind when acquiring speakers

Any melomaniac knows that a good sound requires a good acoustic. For that reason, knowing how to choose a good hi-fi system is key to enjoy our favourite music. While it is important counting on a good amplifier, the election of the speakers is primordial, they will determine the sound quality that reaches our ears. Although our wide experience as a official technical service of Bang & Olufsen allow us to give advice about the best hi-fi equipment, the final decision will always remain in the customer. Thus, we are going to enumerate below a few qualities that they must gather a good speakers.

It is necessary to keep in mind that good speakers, as any range of Bang & Olufsen speakers, require an important investment. Experts advice that, at least, 50% of the high fidelity equipment budget should have been destinated for the speakers. The size of the room will influence the acoustic as well as, indirectly, the choice of the speakers. It is necessary to keep in mind that, usually, the smaller the baffles are, the less response will have to the lower frequencies, meaning, to the bass sounds. So, the sound experience will be poorer. Then, what characteristics should we keep in mind at the time of acquiring hi-fi speakers?

One of the main characteristics of any speaker is the impedance, which measures how it works the passage of the electric current that comes from the amplifier. It is one of the most complicated parameters to understand for the profanes, which is why it is the best to delegate to the profesional who will solve you any doubt. Every audio professional in Ibiza knows the importance of speakers with enough power. However, what it is key is the real power, known as RMS, that can tolerate an acoustic box. It is useless to have speakers that can admiss a maximum peak of 100W if they break down as soon as they reach that power.

Other factors that they have to be contemplated at the time of choosing speakers are the sensitivity, that measures their ability to transform energy into sound, and the response into frequency. The last parameter it is essential because, the higher the range of response in frequency is, the better sound quality will have.

The last important characteristic of the hi-fi speakers is the number of lines they have. Every line is a segment of the acoustic signal, separated by the frequency filters that incorporates every speaker. Even though the usual are boxes with two lines (medium-bass and trebled sounds), it can be found certain soil models which could have up to four lines.

These are the basic aspects to keep in mind at the time of choosing speakers for any sound equipment in Ibiza. However, there is nothing better than trust in specialists as the ones we have in EMG Pro so that any domestic hi-fi equipment sounds like a professional one.